GP and Nurse Training

The Practice is involved with a lot of teaching.  Sometimes medical students attend the health centre as part of their training.  Qualified doctors (known as registrars) and nurses may also be attached to the health centre to learn about general practice and the community. If they are ‘sitting in’ with a doctor or a nurse, you will be asked for your consent to them being in the room.

If you wish to see the doctor or nurse alone please say so, - we understand and would, of course, respect your wishes.

Occasionally, we may also wish to video a consultation for training purposes only.  You will always be advised of this when booking an appointment – but if you would rather your consultation was not recorded, once again, please say so and we will respect your wishes.

If you have agreed to have your consultation videoed, please report to the reception desk when you arrive for your appointment. That way we can confirm that you are happy for the consultation to be recorded, and arrange for you to sign the necessary consent form.